4 Ways to Get Kids Moving

Parents – does it seem as if your child’s face is always buried in some sort of i-device? Studies show that the average kid, age 8 to 18, spends more than 53 hours a week absorbing some form of electronic media, mostly through a cellphone. So, how do you persuade your child to swap a phone for something more active? Kevin Moser, director of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Baptist Health Madisonville, offers up these ideas:

  1. Set an example. Put down your phone, and show your kids you’re also disconnecting. Consider placing time limits for using electronic devices each day, and stick to it as a family.
  2. Start a ritual. Incorporate activities into your family’s schedule, like a Saturday morning bike ride or a walk after dinner.
  3. Bring in friends. Newsflash: Adolescents may not want to hang out  with their parents. So consider letting your child invite a friend to an outdoor activity, like a zoo or water park.
  4. Make it fun. Get the whole family involved in fun-filled activities like playing baseball or hiking.

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