7 Tips on How to Stay Fit at Work

You don’t have to bring a treadmill to work to break a sweat; there are some simple ways to stay fit at work.

  1. Walk around your office. Even if you are confined in an office cubicle, you still have to get up to make a copy or grab more office supplies. You may also want to get up just to answer that phone and start walking back and forth as a form of exercise.
  2. Get a pedometer. Buy yourself a pedometer and wear it every day. It is a simple reminder to yourself of your fitness goal. After all, every step counts.
  3. Get up and walk around the building. Even a 10-minute break counts. Get your office buddy to talk outside/around the building with you for 10 minutes.
  4. Use your office stairs. Instead of using the elevator to get where you’re going, simply use the stairs as often as possible.
  5. Bring small weights to work. For a nice arm workout, bring some small weights with you. Put them next to you at your office desk; use them whenever you get an opportunity, such as when you are answering the phone and when you are stretching your arms.
  6. Exercise your abs. Did you know that you can work your abs even while you are sitting down at work? Simply straighten your abdominal muscles, tighten and release. You can repeat this routine anytime, any place and get your abs exercise.
  7. Don’t forget to stretch your arms and legs. If you are stuck at your office desk most of the day, don’t let this discourage you from starting your own simple workplace fitness activity. Bring your resistance band to work and put it to use. Do a five-to 10-minute stretch whenever possible. A good stretch also helps flex your brain and body muscles.

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