Family Medicine Pediatric Residency Program in Madisonville, Kentucky

Baptist Health Madisonville: : Family Medicine Pediatric Residency Program

The Baptist Health Family Medicine Pediatric Residency Program is an accredited three-year post-graduate training program with focuses in various medical specialties. Learn about our pediatric residency program.

Family Medicine Pediatric Residency Program in Madisonville, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Shannon Arora, MD:
The family medicine pediatric program here at Baptist Health Madisonville basically consists of residents. Residency is something that every single physician has to go through after medical school, which is us in training. We do sports physicals, general physical exams, school physicals, immunizations, all of the shots you need. There’s no difference between a pediatrician’s office and what our family medicine pediatric program does here.

At the residency, it’s very easy to get an appointment. We offer same-day appointments. We have extended hours for our pediatric patients every other Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m.

There are a few things that some parents or grandparents can do to calm the fears of the children who come see us. You can give them a treat afterwards, like saying let’s go for a scoop of ice cream after you see the doctor. That would just make them less scared to come see us.

Some of the patients, I’ve had such deep connections with now, like when they’re sick and are going through something really hard, I really feel for them. I definitely am so grateful to have been given the chance to do a residency here, because I know that a lot of people in this community need help, not just medically, but in every way possible.

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