Acute Adult/Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit

Baptist Health Madisonville: Acute Adult/Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit

Shabeer Abubucker, MD, describes how caregivers on the Behavioral Health unit provide mental healthcare to patients who are in the hospital recovering from other conditions.

Acute Adult/Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit Health Talks Transcript

Shabeer Abubucker, MD, Medical Director, Behavioral Health Unit
The idea behind the Behavioral Health unit is to help address mental health issues in the midst of a crisis and so when people are in a situation where outpatient care is not sufficient, and there’s not a safe way to address the issues in an outpatient setting, this provides patients with a safe environment in which they can address their issues and have assistance provided.

Theresa Guidice, RN, MSN, Program Director, Behavioral Health Unit
The goal for all of our patients is to be able to treat the crisis that’s going on with them and to have them function in the community again, be able to return them to the community.

Dr. Abubucker
We first of all provide them with a relatively stress-free environment, removing them from the situations that provoke a great deal of stress in the difficulties that they’re going through. We also provide therapeutic interventions from various activities throughout the day. There are groups that address different aspects and needs. There’s a general therapy group in the morning that’s led by our social worker. There is a recreational therapy group led by our recreational therapist and so there are various activities throughout the day that help try to develop ways of coping and dealing with difficulties in life.

There’s a big stigma attached to mental health and mental illness, and I think there are folks that do need some help. You know, we have to take care of these people. It’s important to do that.