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Top 5 Superfruits to Add to Your Diet

Fruits are healthy for our bodies, and it’s important to consume them regularly. But what kinds of fruits should we be eating? A “superfruit”...

NanoKnife Surgery in Lexington

NanoKnife therapy technology targets cells with electricity versus heat or cold in order to maintain the integrity of your blood vessels. Learn more about the NanoKnife surgery for cancer from Baptist Health Lexington.

Energizer Toast Recipe

This quick and easy breakfast recipe is healthy and also filling. Try energizer toast for a healthy breakfast that's easy to with you on...

Hypothyroidism & Six Foods to Avoid

Hypothyroidism is the result of an underactive thyroid, meaning your thyroid gland under produces important hormones your body needs. This condition causes an imbalance...

Recipe: Roasted Mushroom Fajitas

You won't want to miss this roasted mushroom fajitas recipe! The vegetables are roasted to bring out their full flavor and are best when...