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Breast Cancer in Young Women

Breast Cancer in Young Women

Most breast cancers are found in women 50 years of age or older, but breast cancer also affects young women. About 11 percent of...
healthy eating tips

Healthy Eating Tips That You’ll Love

If the word diet conjures up images of kale salad, you've got to find better inspiration. Believe it or not, healthy eating can be...

Safe Neti Pot Use Tips

Many sinus sufferers are turning to the neti pot to get relief from the pressure and congestion caused by allergies, colds or the flu....
How Can You Avoid Knee Pain When Running?

How To Avoid Knee Pain When Running

"Injuries and joint pain are unfortunately common in the sport of running. The knee is a frequent area for pain in a runner's body,...

Painful Gout Affecting More Americans

Over the past two decades, the number of American adults with the painful joint disease gout has soared. The blame has been placed on...