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6 Back-To-School Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

It's almost back to school time! This means the end of late bedtimes, sleepovers and sleeping in. Here are some tips to help your...

The Role of Primary Care Doctors in Madisonville

Baptist Health's primary care doctors play an important role in the lives of their patients, helping them with everything from everyday aches and pains to chronic illnesses. Learn more about when to go to urgent care vs. primary care doctors for health issues.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Home Remedies for RLS

Restless leg syndrome (RLS - sometimes seen as restless legs syndrome and also known as Willis-Ekbom disease) is a common neurological sensory-motor disorder characterized...

Sweet swap for healthy treats

Whether it's birthday treats or just your Saturday night dessert ritual, small changes can make your indulgences healthier. Try these three sweet swaps: Milk...

Trouble Sleeping? Maybe It’s Your Night Technology Use

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 95% of Americans regularly use a computer or electronic device of some kind in the hour before bed....