Does Deodorant Cause Cancer?

Is your antiperspirant giving you cancer? It’s a rumor that never seems to die: the scary claim that wearing antiperspirant can give you breast cancer, because of the aluminum found in many underarm products. But don’t sweat it: the experts say there’s no conclusive evidence that this is true along with deodorant use, or underarm shaving.

A Connection Between Cancer and Antiperspirant?

Some people think the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants are absorbed through the underarm skin and, along with parabens, can build up in the breast tissue.

While a fair amount of research has turned up some parabens in breast cancer samples, studies did not show a link between the parabens and the creation of cancer. So far, all that’s certain is that scientists have more work to do before declaring antiperspirants a breast cancer risk. Looking for reassurance? Lymph nodes are not connected to sweat glands.

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