The Role of the Cancer Nurse Navigator

Baptist Health Corbin: Treating Cancer with Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Baptist Health cancer nurse navigators guide cancer patients, collaborate with cancer teams, and more. Learn how the nurse navigator’s role helps patients.

Cancer Nurse Navigators in Corbin, KY, HealthTalks Transcript

Lindsey Jones, RN:
As a breast cancer navigator, my role is to guide patients through the healthcare system, from diagnosis through their cancer journey. There are so many steps when a person first gets diagnosed with breast cancer. It moves very quickly, and it’s really overwhelming to patients.

Bridgette Jones, RN:
One of the main ways we’re utilized in the cancer center as nurse navigators is to help collaborate all of the members of our cancer care team. We’re a point of contact not only for the patient, but for all of our physicians through oncology, radiation, the nursing staff, everyone — even outside of the specialty of oncology. If it crosses over to our pulmonologist, or our general surgery office, or to setting up appointments for patients, it’s across the board that we collaborate.

Lindsey Jones:
I think it’s important for a patient to be educated and for them to feel comfortable with the treatment options they’re choosing. That alone is very rewarding. I enjoy just being a support person for patients.

Bridgette Jones:
Having a cancer diagnosis just rocks their world. [By] being able to help them through the process of navigating their care, they’ll exhibit in their voice and their mannerisms that sense of relief that someone is there who genuinely cares and is there for them through the process.

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