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Health Myths – True or False?

Those little sayings that your mother or grandmother often come up with when giving health advice are snappy and easy to remember – but...
Curtis Given, II, MD Lexingtonvideo

Perfusion Imaging for Treating Strokes in Lexington, Kentucky

Historically, strokes have been difficult to treat because of a lack of advanced technology. Learn about myocardial perfusion imaging and innovation in stroke treatment at Baptist Health.

Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

The chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other procedures used to treat your breast cancer are complete. It’s an accomplishment of which you and – your...

Treatments for Pulmonary Embolism

Learn the dangers of pulmonary embolism and the treatment options used to remove a clot, including surgical embolectomy and a catheter-based procedure.

Ice vs. Heat: What is best for an injury?

When it comes to deciding between ice and heat for dealing with an injury or ailment, most people have preconceived notions. Whether it's a...