The Benton Primary Care Health Clinic in Kentucky

The primary care health clinic in Benton offers appointments and urgent care for walk-ins. Learn more about Baptist Health Medical Group Benton's primary care.

The Importance of Well-Child Visit Schedules in Madisonville, Kentucky

Well-child visits are important for healthy children as they grow. Learn why it is important to schedule well-child visits from Baptist Health.

How to Detect Breast Cancer with Mammograms in Kentuckiana

Breast cancer can be effectively treated if detected early. Learn how radiologists detect breast cancer with mammograms at Baptist Health Louisville.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Our inpatient rehabilitation services include physical and speech therapies. Learn more about Baptist Health Louisville's inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Creating a Medical Weight-Loss Plan in Lexington, Kentucky

Patients can achieve weight loss through diet, exercise and/or medication. Learn how we create individualized medical weight-loss plans at Baptist Health.

Treating Tumors with Radixact® Tomotherapy in Lexington, Kentucky

Radixact® is a tumor treatment procedure that can target hard-to-reach cancers, with fewer side effects. Learn more about Radixact® TomoTherapy from Baptist Health.

Ear Tube Placement Surgery (Myringotomy) in La Grange, Kentucky

An ear tube placement surgery (myringotomy) helps with treating ear infections. Learn about this ENT (ear, nose and throat) treatment from Baptist Health.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Southern Indiana

One in 7 men are at risk of developing prostate cancer. Learn about prostate cancer treatment options, such as radiation, available at Baptist Health.

When to See a Cardiologist – Southern Indiana

Cardiologists treat conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. Learn more about what a cardiologist treats, when to see one, and why, from Baptist Health.

Suicide Prevention Support in Corbin, Kentucky

The Briscoe Clinic offers programs and services for mental illnesses and addiction. Learn about suicide prevention support available at Baptist Health.

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