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5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Whether you are playing competitively, for your health or just for fun, tennis has great benefits for the mind and body. Here are some...

Starting an Exercise Program? Avoid These 7 Mistakes.

Hitting the gym in search of a healthier body this year? Starting an exercise routine provides many benefits. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as...

Team-Based Approach to Primary Care in Paducah

Baptist Health's team-based healthcare ensures that patients are optimally supported in their healthcare journeys. Learn more about how patients benefit from having a primary care team.

Recipe: White Chili with Chicken and Beans

This white chili recipe is healthy and super easy to make! This is a great way to repurpose chicken leftovers or to just whip...
blood pressure numbers

Just One Thing: Know Your Blood Pressure Numbers

Knowing your blood pressure numbers is the first step to improving your heart health and protecting other vital organs, too. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can...