Meds to Beds Program

Learn about Baptist Health Corbin's meds to beds program, where patients can get prescriptions filled before they're discharged.

Treating Allergic Reactions Baptist Health Corbin: Treating Allergic Reactions Primary care physician DAVID WILLIAMS, MD discusses the importance of testing for allergies and the benefits of finding appropriate preventive...

Compassionate Cancer Care

Swati Yalamanchi, MD, describes the benefits of receiving cancer treatment close to home from Baptist Health Corbin. Learn about the difference a compassionate, customized cancer treatment plan can make on your health.

Screening for Breast Cancer Baptist Health Corbin: Screening for Breast Cancer Radiologist LONNIE J. BARGO, MD explains how advanced technology such as 3D tomosynthesis helps physicians detect breast cancer...

Rehabilitation After a Cardiac Event

Learn how cardiac rehab services help patients recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery lead a normal life again.

Screening for Prostate Cancer

Baptist Health Corbin doctor Raymond Hackett discusses the annual prostate exam, emphasizing the importance of detecting prostate cancer early.

Understanding Priority Care in Corbin

Baptist Health Corbin uses emergency room triage (acuity) levels to determine the order in which patients are seen.

Treating Hepatitis C

Long term effects of Hepatitis C could be fatal, but there is a cure for this disease. Sarah Chasteen, Physician Assistant, discusses the causes and treatment of Hepatitis C from Baptist Health Corbin.

Pain Management Treatment Options in Corbin, Kentucky

Pain management is focused on reducing the amount of pain the body is feeling or perceiving after ruling out pathology. Learn about the pain management services at Baptist Health.

Mother and Baby Care in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health provides maternal and infant care during labor, delivery, and recovery. Learn more about mother and baby healthcare from Baptist Health Corbin.

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What Causes Early Menopause?

Menopause is a condition that all women experience as they age. Technically, menopause has occurred when it has been 12 months since a woman’s...

InterStim Treatment for Incontinence in Richmond, Kentucky

InterStim is a type of incontinence treatment where a small device is placed on the patient's tailbone to retrain the bladder. Learn more about InterStim for incontinence from Baptist Health.