Meds to Beds Program

Learn about Baptist Health Corbin's meds to beds program, where patients can get prescriptions filled before they're discharged.

Compassionate Cancer Care

Swati Yalamanchi, MD, describes the benefits of receiving cancer treatment close to home from Baptist Health Corbin. Learn about the difference a compassionate, customized cancer treatment plan can make on your health.

The Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

Learn the advantages of seeing a specialist for treatment for ear, nose and throat conditions, including chronic ear infections, allergies and tonsillitis.

Treating Hepatitis C

Long term effects of Hepatitis C could be fatal, but there is a cure for this disease. Sarah Chasteen, Physician Assistant, discusses the causes and treatment of Hepatitis C from Baptist Health Corbin.

Telemedicine for Behavioral Health

Learn how Baptist Health uses telemedicine to provide behavioral health counseling services to youth and adults in Corbin.

The Gentle C-Section

Learn about the gentle c-section that allows parents to experience immediate bonding with their baby that you don’t experience with a regular cesarean.

Surgical Care Near Home Baptist Health Corbin: Surgical Care Near Home Surgeon AARON HOUSE, MD talks about the convenience of having surgery near your home and describes the satisfaction...

Understanding Priority Care in Corbin

Baptist Health Corbin uses emergency room triage (acuity) levels to determine the order in which patients are seen.

Prostate Cancer Screening & Treatment Options in Corbin

Baptist Health uses advanced medicine to screen to proactively treat prostate cancer. Learn more about the process and prostate cancer treatment options from Baptist Health Corbin.

Screening for Breast Cancer Baptist Health Corbin: Screening for Breast Cancer Radiologist LONNIE J. BARGO, MD explains how advanced technology such as 3D tomosynthesis helps physicians detect breast cancer...

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Women’s Services Close to Home Baptist Health Corbin: Women’s Services Close to Home TRAVIS GILBERT, DO, discusses Baptist Health Corbin’s special services for mothers, babies and families, including prenatal classes,...

6 Tips for End of Summer Skin Care

As the seasons change, so do our skin needs. Summer has most likely taken a toll on all skin types, no matter how careful...

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in Lexington

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a treatment protocol for surgeries that helps patients return to their daily routine faster. By following the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program, Baptist Health supports your post-operative recovery.