Addressing an Addiction

Learn how Baptist Health Corbin’s adult detox recovery program provides the support patients need to help them overcome the illness of addiction.

The Gentle C-Section

Learn about the gentle c-section that allows parents to experience immediate bonding with their baby that you don’t experience with a regular cesarean.

Integrated Physical Therapy

Find out how speech, occupational and physical therapy can help patients regain their strength and independence after injury, trauma or surgery.

Rehabilitation After a Cardiac Event

Learn how cardiac rehab services help patients recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery lead a normal life again.

The Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

Learn the advantages of seeing a specialist for treatment for ear, nose and throat conditions, including chronic ear infections, allergies and tonsillitis.

Telemedicine for Behavioral Health

Learn how Baptist Health uses telemedicine to provide behavioral health counseling services to youth and adults in Corbin.

Our Improved Cancer Care Center

Take a look at Baptist Health Corbin improved cancer care center that has a bigger environment for cancer treatment from chemo to research trials.

Options for Managing Diabetes

Baptist Health Corbin doctor Paul Pedersen discusses the prevalence of diabetes and tips on managing diabetes.

Screening for Prostate Cancer

Baptist Health Corbin doctor Raymond Hackett discusses the annual prostate exam, emphasizing the importance of detecting prostate cancer early.

Benefits of Pediatric Rehab

Learn about Baptist Health Corbin’s pediatric rehab facility, which provides outpatient advanced therapies for a variety of children's needs.

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