Sleep Disorder Center in Floyd

Are you having trouble sleeping? A lack of sleep can have an alarmingly negative effect on your health. Learn more about sleep apnea symptoms, what causes insomnia, and what measures can be taken to identify sleep disorders.

Choosing Urgent Care or the Emergency Room

Bryan Grumley, MD lists some of the conditions treated in an Urgent Care clinic, and explains when it is better to seek care in the Emergency Department.

What Are Gallstones: Symptoms & Treatment of Gallstones

Surgeon Michael Mays, MD, outlines the causes of gallstones and options for gallstone treatment, such as laparoscopic surgery, to break up the stones and relieve symptoms.

Medical Weight Loss Programs at Baptist Health

Learn about the HMR medical weight-loss program, designed to foster lifelong weight loss strategies. The program includes a combination of meal replacements with physical training and educational support, to help participants succeed in long-term weight loss.

Easing Pain with Anterior Hip Replacement

Learn how Baptist Health Floyd uses minimally invasive hip replacement techniques to help heal arthritis and pain.

Diabetes Management at Joslin Diabetes Center

Learn about the different types of diabetes and how Baptist Health Floyd's Joslin Diabetes center can help you with your diabetes management.

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Prevention

Learn who should get genetic testing for breast cancer and how genetic testing is important in breast cancer prevention.

Detecting and Treating Lung Cancer

Find out what new technologies are available for detecting lung cancer, including a developing clinical trial that uses breath analysis to detect cancer.

Treating Rheumatic Conditions

Rheumatic conditions and the importance of treating them before they result in more serious damage to the body’s organs.

The Importance of Well-Care Visits

Find out the importance of annual well-care visits and screenings in keeping you healthy and establishing a relationship with your doctor.

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