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4 Ways to Get Kids Moving

Parents - does it seem as if your child's face is always buried in some sort of i-device? Studies show that the average kid,...

Menopause 101

Menopause is a normal condition that occurs as a woman ages. Women are born with a finite number of eggs in their ovaries. When...

Quiz: Are You a Fall Risk?

If you’re of a certain age, you may have been asked this question by your doctor: Have you fallen in the past year? Falls among...

Detecting and Treating Strokes

Watch Neurologist Dr. Ashburn explain how clot-busting medication can treat strokes effectively when given within a few hours after the first signs. Watch video.
anxiety and cancer

Anxiety and Cancer

How Does Cancer Affect You Emotionally? When you think of medical diagnoses that cause anxiety, cancer is probably high on the list. Given that the...