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Taking Care of Elderly Parents – Things To Help Them At Home

What to Do with Aging Parents? Many older adults reach a point where they need assistance with the activities of daily living. In some cases,...

Pool Safety & Precautions

There's nothing more quintessentially "summer" than a cannonball into the deep end. No matter your age, you should feel free to grab an inflatable...

Concussion Treatment Options in Louisville

Watch our approach to concussion treatment that begins with rest and follows with rehabilitation to improve and reset patient’s balance at Baptist Health Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy offices.

Importance of Neonatal Care

Neonatologist Lynda Sanders describes how the neonatal unit’s specially trained staff provides comprehensive, multi-specialty care to newborns, around the clock and in a family-centered environment.     Lynda...

Screening and Preventing Osteoporosis

Learn why it’s important to have bone density screenings, the risk factors for osteoporosis, and tips for preventing the osteoporosis.