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Substance Abuse Outpatient Programs in Richmond, Kentucky

Baptist Health offers intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for those facing substance abuse. Learn about substance abuse group therapy and addiction treatment.

How Long Does A Foot Stress Fracture Take To Heal?

Stress fractures are tiny cracks in a bone, commonly occurring in the lower leg or foot. They are caused by repetitive force, often from...

Dealing With Chronic Back Pain: Causes & Treatment

Nearly everyone – from elite athletes to weekend warriors to couch potatoes – is subject to occasional back pain. According to the National Institute...

ACL Surgery Recovery & Physical Therapy Timeline at La Grange

Watch a patient's story of how advances in ACL surgery recovery impacted her experience. Baptist Health offers new advances in ACL surgery and physical therapy in order to encourage faster recovery for patients.

Differences Between Abdominal Strain, Pulled Stomach Muscle, & Hernia

Abdominal strains and hernias are both painful conditions that tend to worsen with activity and lessen with rest. However, they have different causes and...

How Do PTSD Symptoms Differ for Children, Adults, and Soldiers/Veterans?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition in which a person who has witnessed or experienced frightening, life-threatening or disturbing events has recurring flashbacks,...

Plantar Fasciitis or Stress Fracture? Understanding the Differences.

Pain on the underside of the foot, especially near the heel, is a very common problem. While it can be produced by a number...

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Ear Tube Placement Surgery (Myringotomy) in La Grange, Kentucky

An ear tube placement surgery (myringotomy) helps with treating ear infections. Learn about this ENT (ear, nose and throat) treatment from Baptist Health.

Healthy Recipe: Ratatouille

Stir fry skillet dinners are hard to beat. The recipes are simple, the preparation is minimal and the clean up is quick. Most versions...

My Story & Diabetes Prevention

Jemima Fields As early as I can remember, I grew up watching my grandmother, my mom’s mother, eat certain foods on a strict schedule and...
Winter indoor exercise options

Diabetes and Cold Weather – How To Exercise and Stay Warm

Exercise helps muscles effectively take up glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream, which is why it's so valuable in controlling diabetes. However, braving the elements...

Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Each year, more than 50,000 Americans die from colorectal cancer, the No. 2 cause of deaths from cancers affecting both men and women. But...