Compassionate Cancer Care

Baptist Health Corbin: Compassionate Cancer Care

Oncologist Swati Yalamanchi, MD, highlights cancer treatment at Baptist Health Corbin, noting that patients in eastern Kentucky don’t have to travel far to find high-quality care.

Compassionate Cancer Care Health Talks Transcript

Swati Yalamanchi, MD, Oncology/Hematology
There’s a wide variety of cancers, and there’s a wide variety of treatments for those cancers. Really, treatment depends largely on the type of the tumor that the patient has, along with the stage and grade of cancer. Treatment, you can largely divide into two groups: local therapy, which includes surgery and radiation, and then systemic therapy, which is chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal, or even targeted therapies with the patient.

April Staats, London, Kentucky
I had a great place to go locally, where I feel like I got more attention, and I got better care. I try to tell everybody that we have one of the best places to go right here at Baptist Health.

Dr. Yalamanchi
I believe that it’s great to have these services offered to our patients here locally so that patients don’t have to travel several hours to receive great care. I think they can receive that at home, where
they’re able to spend more time with loved ones instead of traveling back and forth.

You want to feel like you’re doing this to live. They help you feel that way, that they’re fighting with you
every step of the way.

Dr. Yalamanchi
I think our nurses are great, and our support staff makes the patient feel at home, instead of just a patient, and usually, these patients become our family as well.

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