Concussion Treatment Options in Louisville

Baptist Health Louisville: Concussion Treatment Options

Learn about Baptist Health Sports Medicine’s approach to concussion treatment, which emphasizes rest and a gradual return to activity, and see how rehabilitation and physical therapy can help to improve and reset an athlete’s balance.

Concussion Treatment Options HealthTalks Transcript

W. Michael Hughes, DO
Concussion, in simple terms, is an injury to the brain itself, where the brain goes through a deceleration/ acceleration as it slows down and then speeds back up as it hits the skull.

Most commonly, we see these in young athletes. The old adage, and it’s very true in our world, is “when it doubt, sit them out.” If there is ever a concern of concussion, the player should come off the field and should not play the rest of the game. There are state laws that mandate an athlete must be evaluated by a physician prior to return to play.

Certainly, the first few days are very important for giving the brain adequate time to rest. Sometimes, the balance center is thrown off in the vestibular system. At Baptist Health, we are very well equipped to handle these concussions and to treat them appropriately. We have physical therapists right next door where we can send patients for vestibular rehabilitation.

One of the things that we use is called the NeuroCom®. It helps with that vestibular rehabilitation. It makes the patient feel a little unsteady, so they’re trying to balance and there are a lot of different stimuli that are thrown at them to try to help re-equilibrate the vestibular system, which is in the inner ear. A lot of it is gradual return back to activity once we see they’re ready for that.

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