Full-Service Breast Cancer Center in Corbin

Baptist Health Corbin: Full-Service Breast Cancer Center

The Breast Cancer Center at Baptist Health Corbin is a full-service breast center offering 3D mammograms, image-guided diagnostic procedures, and comprehensive treatment. We believe one of the most important things a woman can do is to put her health first: getting appropriate screenings is the best way to start. Learn more about the services and special amenities we offer.

Full-Service Breast Cancer Center HealthTalks Transcript

Francie Masters, MD, Radiology
The Breast Center at Baptist Health Corbin is a full-service breast center. We have 3D screening mammography, 3D diagnostic mammography, diagnostic ultrasound. We do breast MRI here, and if needed, breast MRI biopsies. All image-guided procedures can be done right here. I do ultrasound-guided biopsies, stereotactic biopsies, and we can now do 3D-guided biopsies in our office. So, no longer does a woman need to drive to Knoxville or Lexington to get the breast imaging care that they need. We can do it right here.

I think as a woman, it’s easy to put things off. We’re the moms. We’re the caregivers. It’s easy to put our health last and take care of everyone else first. I think we all understand what can happen when we put things off, so we try very hard to encourage people to come in and get a yearly mammogram. I think one of the most important things women can do for themselves after the age of 40 is to just take care of yourself, come in, and get a screening mammogram.

Early diagnosis just means more options are on the table for the patient. It’s less likely a patient would have distant metastasis, less likely that they would need chemotherapy. The type of surgical options could be much less aggressive. So, early detection is critical. That’s our goal here, to try to find things as early as we can so that a breast cancer diagnosis is more of a speed bump in a woman’s life and less of a roadblock.

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