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Baptist Health Corbin: Diabetes Management

Baptist Health Corbin offers a SMART class which focuses on controlling diabetes. Diabetes management topics include diet, portion control, and blood sugar.

Diabetes Management in Corbin, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Karen Mathis, MSN, RN, Diabetes Educator:

Diabetes is on the rise, especially in southeast Kentucky. The rate in Whitley County is [about] 21%. The majority of the time, we see patients come in and they’re obese. Fast food is more convenient and cheaper in southeast Kentucky. It’s easier to go out and get that than it is to buy healthy food because it’s more expensive. And, they just don’t do much activity.

Once you’re diagnosed with diabetes, it’s incurable. You just go into remission. Diet and activity can control diabetes. You can keep it maintained and in remission for a number of years by controlling your diet.

We have what we call a SMART class, which is set up in a four-week period. It’s broken down into different topics that we choose. The majority of the time, there’s a dietitian, a pharmacist, and a diabetes educator in the class. We bring it all together to help them to understand each factor of diabetes. We teach them diet, portion control, and help them to maintain their blood sugar.

When patients come in to see us, they have high A1c. In follow-up visits with them, their A1cs have improved. They’ve lost some weight. They’ve been more active. They just feel good overall. They thank us for helping them to get control of it, and they can enjoy their life.

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