Genetic Counseling Outreach in Corbin

Baptist Health Corbin: Genetic Counseling Outreach

DNA genetic testing can help you learn more about hereditary conditions that may be present in your family. Our genetic counseling programs in Corbin will address your concerns and help you identify your risk for cancer.

Genetic Counseling Outreach HealthTalks Transcript

Francie Masters, MD, Radiology
I think one of the biggest fears women have when they’re diagnosed with breast cancer is how is this going to impact my family, my children, my sisters, my other relatives because there is a really strong genetic association.

Sara Campbell, MS
Genetic counseling is the process of reviewing someone’s personal medical history and family history to get a better idea of the likelihood of a hereditary condition that may be present in the family. We started doing outreach services to Baptist Health Corbin in 2012. We developed a telemedicine program in 2013, and so now all of our outreach occurs via telemedicine.

Sharon Jones, Corbin, Kentucky
When she came on screen, we just had a regular conversation, and she got my family history, of course, concerning cancer, and any other health issues. Then, she came up with a grid, showing me my family members who have had cancer, and came up with a percentage of my chances of carrying the gene that my niece carries.

Dr. Masters
It’s really important when we talk to patients that we address those issues and those concerns and talk to them about the possibility of genetic counseling so they understand the risks to their children, the risks to their other relatives. There is a ripple effect, so I think it’s important when a patient is diagnosed, that we address all those issues and all their concerns.

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