Inpatient Rehabilitation Services in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health Corbin: Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Our inpatient rehabilitation services include physical, occupational and speech therapy. Learn more about Baptist Health’s inpatient rehab facility in Corbin.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services in Corbin, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Lynette Lawson, Physical Therapy, Baptist Health Corbin:
Baptist Health’s inpatient rehab facility is a 20-bed unit, and we offer physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as specialized nursing care.

We see a variety of illnesses and injuries in our unit. Some examples are strokes, fractures resulting from a fall, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, as well as generalized debility from a prolonged hospital stay or illnesses.

We are our own unit, and you will receive all your services in-house. We have all of the therapy and nursing staff, all in our unit. We offer a hands-on approach and treat our patients like family.

The car transfer simulator unit is used indoors to work on functional transfers in a safe and controlled environment.

A lot of patients we receive in this unit have been in area hospitals that have been farther away from here during their acute needs. They choose to come to Baptist Health Corbin because it is close to home. That allows them to get more visitors from family and friends, and helps them in the recovery process.

Our objective is to get the patient to return home, and to get them as safe as possible and as independent as possible.

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