Substance Abuse Recovery Program in Corbin, Kentucky

Our substance abuse treatment offers medically assisted detox for those choosing recovery. Learn more about Baptist Health’s substance detox program in Corbin.

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Jacob Bishop, MD, Behavioral Health:

Unfortunately, in this part of the country, we are affected by lots of substances that can affect people’s lives, take their lives, or really take over their lives for the worse. Alcohol, opiates, methamphetamines are increasing in use, benzos, stimulants, all of the above. Here at Baptist, we provide medication-assisted detox for those who have taken that crucial first step, deciding that they are ready for recovery, that they’re ready to get their life back. Medically assisted detox is the process where we bring you into the hospital, and once you’ve been medically cleared in the Emergency Department, we’ll bring you to the detox unit, which is staffed by leaders in the field, from nurses to social workers to physicians. We’ll work with you to set up a treatment plan for whatever substance you are coming off of and withdrawing from or detoxing from. We’ll have medications and monitoring support in place to make that process as painless as possible, while also setting you up for success by getting you a plan for discharge.

For the patients who complete the program, they’ve attained that stability and have benefited from that support. They feel like they’ve gotten back on their feet, that they are able to reclaim a little bit of their life that they’ve lost to that substance addiction. It’s really nice to see because you want to make a difference in what you do. Being able to help people get back on their feet and take that next step forward is a big part of why we come to do this every day.

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Dedicated to hope, help, and recovery, Baptist Health Corbin’s Trillium Center offers a complete range of psychiatric and substance-abuse treatment options in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

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