NicView Keeps Parents Connected to Their Babies at Baptist Health Corbin’s NICU

Baptist Health Corbin: NicView Keeps Parents Connected to Their Babies

Baptist Health Corbin‘s NICU uses Nicview, a passcode-protected webcam service that allows parents to view their infants receiving specialized care in the NICU.

NicView Keeps Parents Connected to Their Babies at Baptist Health Corbin’s NICU HealthTalks Transcript

Sanchayan Debnath, MD, Neonatology:
There is a common misconception that NICU is only for premature babies. Even though that is one of the biggest indications for a NICU admission, it is not the only indication. Any time we feel that a baby needs intensive care monitoring, which means continuous monitoring of the baby’s vitals, IV fluids, medications, antibiotics, etc., we feel the baby needs to be in the NICU. It’s a very overwhelming situation for parents to have the baby separated and stay in a NICU — covered in leads and all sorts of equipment around. It can very emotional, so we try to have them connected to the parents as much as we can.

Keisha Miracle, RN, Neonatology:
We actually have a newer system that is called NICVIEW®. NICVIEW® is the same concept as FaceTime where parents see live video stream of their babies. The parents think this is just a big blessing, just as much as we do. We feel very fortunate to have this system, to be able to offer it to our families, and to be able to feel like you’re at the bedside whenever you can’t be.

Dr. Debnath:
In the eastern Kentucky region, we are one of the very few NICUs. We feel very blessed to help expecting mothers feel that they have some support to keep their babies close to their home [if they] need intensive care.

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