The Oncology Nurse Navigator in Corbin, KY

Baptist Health Corbin: The Oncology Nurse Navigator

An oncology nurse navigator offers personalized care to a patient throughout their cancer journey. Learn more about oncology nurse navigators from Baptist Health.

The Oncology Nurse Navigator in Corbin, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Stacey Carson, RN, Oncology Navigator:
The most important responsibility of the oncology nurse navigator is to support the cancer patient and their families. The nurse navigator can be the go-to nurse for the patient whenever they have questions or concerns. They help the patient make informed decisions. They can also help the patient overcome barriers that may prevent the patient from receiving the care that they need.

Some of the other important roles of the nurse navigator are emotional support that the nurse navigator provides for the patient. A lot of times patients will lose their hair after chemotherapy. I can help the patient with finding a wig, help them get some nutritional drinks if they need it, and I can also help with providing transportation if the patient has transportation issues.

The nurse navigator also holds monthly support groups for cancer patients. Support groups are very important for the patient — to be around other people who are going through the same diagnosis and the same things that they are going through. For the most part, I think the patients are very appreciative. A lot of patients don’t have a good support system. I feel that knowing that the nurse navigator is there for them for any of their questions or concerns, or just someone to talk to, is very important to the cancer patient.

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