Options for Treating Depression

Baptist Health Corbin: Options for Treating Depression

Psychiatrist CLARK LESTER describes how patients are evaluated for depression and explains how taking steps to get the right treatment can help sufferers find hope again.

Options for Treating Depression Health Talks Transcript

Clark Lester, MD, Psychiatry
For folks who have experienced depression, it’s a very personal thing. What is so difficult sometimes about even recognizing that it’s there is that you’re afraid to talk about it. And then, once you do, you realize this is a common experience and part of being human, perhaps. But it doesn’t make it any easier. It is very difficult to take that first step to kind of reach out and seek help. Here at the Briscoe Clinic, we have a team approach to treating our patients. We always begin with an initial evaluation. This is usually carried out by one of our psychiatrists or one of our therapists. Both have credentials to be able to do that. After doing a thorough evaluation, which may also include speaking with family members, a tailored treatment is recommended. This may include medication, but this may also include very specific therapies. It’s a very difficult place when someone is feeling depressed. It may feel like the light will never be seen again, and part of our goal here is to help you find — even if it’s a glimmer — some way for you to keep going and find yourself again.

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