The Outpatient Surgery Center in Corbin, KY

Baptist Health Corbin: The Outpatient Surgery Center

The Center for Outpatient Surgery in Corbin is a fully accredited surgery center in southeastern KY. Learn about the Baptist Health Outpatient Surgery Center.

The Outpatient Surgery Center in Corbin, KY HealthTalks Transcript

James G. Huffman, MD, Ophthalmology:
The Baptist Health outpatient surgery center is a fully accredited surgery center that specializes in providing outpatient surgery to the patients of southeastern Kentucky. It’s a fully contained outpatient surgery center. The patient comes in, they have their preop done, they have their surgery, and then they go to recovery. It provides for a very efficient and very superior way to provide care. The patients come in, they get their surgery, and get to go home shortly afterward. It’s more like an office setting than a hospital setting, so that eases fear quite a bit. 

We have dedicated techs and nurses who operate with us every time we operate, and in some cases have been operating with us for years. Personally, my practice provides ophthalmology services, but we provide a lot of GI services, scopes, EGDs and colonoscopies. There are quite a few dental services provided here also, and we do quite a bit of general surgery. All of these surgeries that we provide have a very high success rate and a very low complication rate. If you combine that with a very nice setting that does not remind a patient of a hospital, but more of going into a doctor’s office, people like that. They feel quite comforted with that.

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