Prostate Cancer Screening & Treatment Options in Corbin

Baptist Health Corbin: Prostate Cancer Screening & Treatments Options

Baptist Health uses advanced medicine to screen to proactively treat prostate cancer. Learn more about the process and prostate cancer treatment options from Baptist Health Corbin.

Prostate Cancer Screening & Treatments Options HealthTalks Transcript

Christopher Steidle, MD
Prostate cancer, currently the most common cancer in men, is mainly a genetic disease. We know a lot about genetics now, and we know that as an example, you have a 14 percent chance, roughly, to get it during your life. But, if your dad had it, you’re at a 28 percent risk, so it doubles. Every subsequent relative, such as an uncle, increases that risk.

Indications for screening include men who have a high risk, and I generally start in their 30s to get a baseline blood test. The blood test is known as the PSA or prostate-specific antigen. It’s nothing more than a prostate marker. Elevation of the PSA is not indicative of cancer, but it’s a clue for us to evaluate and investigate further.

Fortunately, when we look at treatments for prostate cancer, we have radical surgery, done robotically now. We have radiation treatments, which have dramatically progressed to be much easier and much more effective than previously. We have some of the newer treatments, including freezing the prostate cancer, and we can even use high-intensity, focused ultrasound in certain situations.

Fortunately, today, prostate cancer is one of the most controlled diseases we have. It’s very easy to control, and the key is an early diagnosis.

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