Suicide Prevention Support in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health Corbin: Suicide Prevention Support

The Briscoe Clinic offers programs and services for suicide prevention, mental illnesses and addiction. Learn about suicide prevention support available at Baptist Health.

Suicide Prevention Support in Corbin, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Jonathan Martin, MD, Behavioral Health:
Unfortunately, the statistics for suicide are on the rise — it’s up 31% since 2001. I think people get to that point because they start feeling hopeless, isolated. They don’t see an end to what they’re experiencing or the events going on in their lives at the moment. They see it as the only way out.

Here at the Briscoe Clinic, we offer inpatient psychiatric evaluations. We offer intensive outpatient programs, where you come for group, and individual therapy for both mental illness and addiction.

As communities and families, there are a couple of things that we could do to support each other, to help make that a little bit better. One thing is just offer support. Be around. Be empathetic. Be encouraging.

Chalk the Walk is an event that we hold every year for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. We have people draw on the sidewalk and they offer words of encouragement and support to try to inspire people, raise awareness for mental illness, and try to do away with the stigma that we have around mental illness.

1.800.395.4435 is a 24-hour hotline that will connect you to someone trained in mental healthcare at the Briscoe Clinic. They can provide information about mental health services, whom you should contact if you’re having a crisis, and provide support and guidance for the next step.

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