Telehealth for Stroke Patients in Corbin, KY

Baptist Health Corbin: Telehealth for Stroke Patients

Telestroke technology allows specialists to diagnose a stroke from another location. Learn more about telehealth for stroke patients at Baptist Health Corbin. 

Telehealth for Stroke Patients in Corbin, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Murali Kolikonda, MD, Neurology:
Stroke is a very important problem. It is a leading cause of disability [around] the world. Acute stroke is an emergency, and for the patients who are at rural hospitals, telestroke services provide acute treatments in a timely fashion. We have a shortage of neurology [services] at rural hospitals and [telehealth] brings stroke expertise to those hospitals. Baptist Health Lexington is a comprehensive stroke center, which works as a hub center, and Baptist [Health] Corbin works as a spoke center.

What happens is we communicate with Baptist Health Corbin via advanced technologies that we have through mobile telestroke technology. The workflow, how the telestroke system works for us, is we have a patient come in to the emergency department with stroke symptoms. The emergency physician does an immediate assessment and then takes the patient to the CAT scanner.

Once the patient is under the CAT scan, those images are transferred electronically to our medical record system. The stroke provider is going to review all the images and make decisions about giving clot-busting medication, which is given through IV, dissolves the clot, and restores the blood flow to that part of the brain. At Baptist Health, our telestroke services will provide care in timely fashion, which helps to improve our patient outcomes in the community.

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