Treating Cancer with Radiation Oncology in Corbin, Kentucky


Baptist Health Corbin: Treating Cancer with Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology can be used to treat cancer without surgery in some cases. Learn about types of radiation therapy from Baptist Health’s Corbin Cancer Care Center.

Treating Cancer with Radiation Oncology HealthTalks Transcript

Weisi Yan, MD, Radiation Oncology:
Radiation oncology is applying radiation in medicine. It’s been around as early as when X-ray was first invented. It’s actually using high-energy X-rays to try to cure cancer. Typically, a cancer patient will go through surgery, radiation and chemo.

Radiation is one of the branches in our comprehensive oncology center. There are times that radiation is used alone for prostate [cancer]. For prostate cancer, lots of patients choose not to have surgery. Radiation is beneficial. You’re spending more time, but we keep your erectile function there, we keep the urinary function there, and it’s pretty much painless.

For some lung patients who are not surgical candidates, we give them radiation. Some lymphoma patients, you cannot operate on them, but you can give radiation. There are plenty of cases, [where] you’ll think about radiation as a means of surgery. So, we operate with radiation, without the blade.

I will say we can treat 90% to 95% of the patients here at Corbin, and they don’t have to go somewhere else. This machine is very capable, you can treat almost everything that you think of, and the physician is trained. They have experience at a major center. You’re getting the same care in the major centers in the U.S. at your door and in a really efficient manner. I think we can save lots of lives and we can improve the outcomes.

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