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Baptist Health Corbin: Treating Cancer with Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Stereotactic radiotherapy is a precise therapeutic radiation used to treat tumors in all parts of the body. Learn more about SBRT treatment from Baptist Health.

Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Corbin, KY, HealthTalks Transcript

Weisi Yan, MD, Radiation Oncology:
SBRT is the operation of stereotactic body radiation therapy. It’s invented in a way to precisely deliver high-dose radiation toward a certain point in the human body. Not all cancers are treated the same, and not every cancer needs radiation therapy. For this radiation therapy, SBRT, you have only two to five treatments, and it’s simple. It’s highly tolerable. At the same time, it gives a very high dose of radiation, so it can ablate certain tumors. You can cure the disease without surgery, so that’s a unique selling point and also [it] is very safe. You don’t feel pain and you sometimes achieve as good [an] outcome as a surgery. That’s a really interesting concept and a useful tool for patients who don’t want surgery or who are not suitable for surgery.

SBRT is technically delivered in major academic institutions because it has a very high requirement for equipment for your staff and your comfort level. I think from Lexington to Knoxville, we are in the middle. I don’t think any radiation centers in this neighborhood offer this kind of treatment. For patients who need [highly advanced] technology, you don’t have to travel very far. You can stay here for a week in Corbin, and it’s drivable. I think that’s a great benefit for all the patients. They can have all the treatment here at the door of [their] home.

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