Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

If you’re watching your weight or trying to eat healthy, you don’t have to ditch your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Consider these handy tips to cut calories from your celebration:

  • Skip the chips. If you can’t, try portion control. Count out 10 and set them aside on a plate. Enjoy the free salsa and pass up the queso dip.
  • Choose corn tortillas. Whether stuffed as a burrito, folded as a taco or rolled as an enchilada, tortillas are key ingredients in most Mexican dishes. Opt for corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas – they are full of fiber and are lower in sugar and fat.
  • Go light on the guacamole. Although guacamole is made primarily out of avocados that contain healthy fats, it tends to be high in fat and calories. Use fresh salsa or a black bean dip to reduce calories. If you do indulge in some guacamole, watch your portion size (no more than 2 tablespoons).
  • Ditch the dairy. Sour cream and cheese are both high in calories, saturated fat and sodium. If you simply must have them, ask for them on the side so that you can add a smaller amount to your meal.
  • Try different taco fillings. Order ground turkey, chicken or fish in your tacos instead of beef or pork. To make your taco more satisfying as well as more nutritious, ask for a smaller amount of meat filling and add lots of vegetables.
  • Don’t mess with margaritas. A Mexican meal might not feel complete without an ice-cold margarita, but the truth is that this traditional treat is loaded with sugar and hundreds of calories. In fact, a 10-ounce margarita can contain more than 500 calories. That’s almost equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac. Instead, chose a light Mexican beer or wine if you want to include alcohol in your celebration – but do so in moderation. If you want to avoid alcohol, try sipping on seltzer water with lots of lime added.

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