Defining and Managing Diabetes

Baptist Health Louisville: Defining and Managing Diabetes

Jahangir Cyrus, MD, defines the two types of diabetes and explains how medications work better when patients learn proper eating habits for managing the condition.

Defining and Managing Diabetes HealthTalks Transcript

Jahangir Cyrus, MD, Endocrinology
Diabetes is a disease that is marked by a rise in the blood glucose, blood sugar. So, there are two forms of diabetes, and they’re completely different from each other. One is Type 1 — the patient lacks insulin altogether; therefore, they need to be treated with use of insulin. The second one, Type 2 diabetes, in which the majority of people have plenty of insulin, except because of multiple factors, including obesity, they are resistant to the actions of their own insulin. We have diabetes classes that are run by certified diabetes educators. The work of diabetes educators involve really the true day-to-day life of the patient with diabetes, which involves nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat, and of course portion control, even something that is very good, when it’s consumed to excess, it can be harmful. It is really naive to think that medications do everything. They cannot do anything unless lifestyle modification, diet, and exercise become part of the overall diabetic management. Then, the medications will likely work a whole lot better.

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