Primary Care Services in Eddyville, Kentucky

Baptist Health Paducah: Primary Care Services in Eddyville, Kentucky

Baptist Health’s Eddyville family medical clinic provides comprehensive primary care services for all ages. Learn about our holistic approach to family medicine.

Primary Care Services in Eddyville, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

David French, MD, Family Medicine, Eddyville:
We’ve been in practice here in Eddyville for 22 years. We offer a comprehensive line of services for patients.

Denise Adams, APRN, Family Medicine, Eddyville:
We offer a routine maintenance visits for our patients to coordinate their wellness, as well as treatment of chronic medical conditions, as well as acute medical conditions.

Dr. French:
We see everybody. We see anyone from newborns, all the way up to 100+.

Becoming affiliated and joining Baptist Medical Group has given us a wealth of knowledge and the ability to also collaborate with specialists.

Dr. French:
We have an extensive network of specialists, other providers and ancillary services that we can offer to patients. Being able to offer labs and X-rays and referrals to other specialists provides the patient with total care. It gives us a well-balanced medical home.

We offer a holistic approach. I try to always take the time to listen to my patients and to focus on what’s important to them because if you can get to the root of what’s important to the patient, everything else kind of falls into place.

Dr. French:
We practice quality, evidence-based medicine, but we also treat patients like family. We care about them. We see them in the grocery store. We get to experience them not just in the office. They’re part of our life.

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