ER or Urgent Care?

When an emergency strikes, how do you know if you should head to the urgent care or the emergency room? If it seems to be life threatening, go to the ER. If not, go to urgent care. Test yourself on these situations:

You fell off a ladder and think you broke your wrist.

  • Urgent Care can take care of broken bones and sprains. Try to immobilize the area and head on in ASAP.

Your child was hit in the head while playing soccer and now complains of nausea and a headache.

  • These are symptoms of a concussion, so go to the ER. Other signs include ringing in the ears, dizziness and confusion.

Your husband burned his hand while cooking dinner.

  • Urgent Care can handle burns, but if the injury affects your breathing, go to the ER.

Know where to go? Be sure to check out all of our Baptist Health Urgent Care locations across the state of Kentucky. Visit today.

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