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Baptist Health Floyd: The Meds to Beds Program

With the Meds to Beds program, patients can have their take-home medications delivered directly to their hospital rooms. Learn more about Meds to Beds at Baptist Health.

The Meds to Beds Program in Southern Indiana HealthTalks Transcript

Dan Inboden, PharmD, Retail Pharmacy Manager:
Our Meds to Beds program is a bedside delivery for our patients at discharge. When patients are admitted to the hospital, one of our staff members will ask if the patient wants to take part in the program. If they say yes, then at the time of discharge, the pharmacy is set to our pharmacy here, downstairs near the main lobby. Prescriptions are sent to us electronically by the prescriber.

We work to fill them, run them through insurance, and we’ll contact the patient and verify that they do want us to bring it up. One of our pharmacy technicians will bring the medication up, once it’s ready, to the bedside. This is an opportunity for us to be able to provide a little bit more one-on-one counseling from our pharmacist here in the retail pharmacy, and to save you a trip and a stop at a pharmacy out in the community.

A lot of times, patients are tired after they’ve been here for a few days. This allows us to make the transition home a bit smoother. So, when you leave here, hopefully, you can go home and actually start to rest and recover for whatever reason you’ve been here. There are several studies that actually show that patients who get bedside delivery have a less likely chance of being readmitted to the hospital because we are able to close some of those gaps that may present themselves. By having a Meds to Beds delivery option, we are able to take care of them one last time and make sure that they’re set up for as much success as possible when they leave the hospital.

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