Using Nitrous Oxide During Labor in New Albany, Indiana

Baptist Health Floyd: Using Nitrous Oxide During Labor in New Albany, Indiana

Using nitrous oxide during labor can be an alternative way for mothers to be to manage the pain of childbirth. Learn more from Baptist Health about the use of nitrous oxide in labor and delivery.

Using Nitrous Oxide During Labor in New Albany, Indiana HealthTalks Transcript

Jacqueline H. Riely, MD, MS, Obstetrics & Gynecology, OB/GYN Associates of Southern Indiana:
Here at Baptist Health Floyd, our goal is a healthy baby, healthy mom, and to give our families the birthing experience that they want.

Labor is painful, as we all know, and here we have options for all types of pain management. Nitrous oxide is one of the options. It’s been used in Europe for decades, and in the U.S., it’s not used as much. We’ve been using it here since 2015. The benefit of the nitrous oxide is when they self-administer, they can move around, and it just kind of takes the edge off the discomfort.

Nitrous oxide does not adversely affect the baby in any way. Once the baby takes its first breath, the nitrous oxide is completely removed from the baby, and it does not accumulate in the baby during labor.

I think most patients who are interested in nitrous oxide are looking for more of a non-epiduralized labor. They get into labor, they’re maybe taken aback by the discomfort they’re experiencing, and so, this is just a perfect little something they can use during those painful times.

When they’re using it, their mood does change to a better frame of mind. Their spirit’s lifted, they feel a little bit better, and it does blunt the pain somewhat.

Here at Baptist Health Floyd, I’m very happy to be involved in providing an environment where we are able to deliver healthy babies and create healthy, happy families.

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