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Primary healthcare includes numerous practices, including family and internal medicine. Learn more about direct primary care with Baptist Health.

Primary Healthcare in New Albany, Indiana HealthTalks Transcript

Mark Bickers, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics:
Primary care is a big umbrella. Under primary care, family medicine falls under that, internal medicine falls under that, gynecology and obstetrics fall under that, and pediatrics falls under that. Those all make up primary care. Everyone needs a primary care doctor.

Essentially our role is the gatekeeper of the rest of the medical community — trying to handle as many medical complaints as we can and prevent future health complications by preventive screening and labs. Knowing medical history and various genetic-based diseases and inherited illnesses, it gives you an advantage of knowing what things you should be thinking about and what screenings should occur in trying to prevent complications.

I enjoy the variety. I enjoy seeing whole families and getting to develop those relationships and have continuity of care. A great reason to come here is we’re connected with the hospital and many of the subspecialists in this area. Being able to directly communicate with the hospital and with subspecialists provides an immense amount of continuity of care. It’s very helpful with coordinating care for patients. It’s all in one place. It’s all easily accessible, and at the end of the day, it provides better patient care.

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