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Baptist Health Floyd: Occupational Medicine Services and Physicians in Charlestown, Indiana

Occupational medicine treats injury or illness that occurs at work or as a result of one’s employment. Learn more about occupational medicine services at Baptist Health.

Occupational Medicine Services and Physicians in Charlestown, Indiana HealthTalks Transcript

John Dougherty, PA-C, Occupational Medicine:
Occupational medicine is the practice of medicine where we treat people who might have an injury or illness that occurred at work, or as a result of their employment. It also can involve people who already have preexisting issues that are aggravated by their employment activities. We perform many physical exams as part of our function at this clinic. We specifically look for conditions in a patient that not only could affect their personal health, but also the safety of others. In particular, this would be when we do commercial driver physicals.

Typically, many of the injuries that occur at work could also be similar to things that occur at home, for which you would want to see an urgent care [provider]. The issues that are unique with occupational medicine involve issues as far as, what is the patient’s ability to return to work once their injury is addressed? They may still need modification of their work activities or even total removal from work to resolve their injury or their condition.

Many people who come here with injuries that happened at work are fearing they’re missing income that helps them take care of their families. If I can get someone back to work quickly and safely, then that’s particularly rewarding for me, and that’s why I’ve stuck with it for this many years.

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