Repairing Spinal Fractures with the SpineJack® Device at Floyd


Baptist Health Floyd: Repairing Spinal Fractures with the SpineJack® Device

The SpineJack® device is a minimally invasive procedure for patients with compression spinal fractures. Learn how the SpineJack surgical technique is used at Baptist Health Floyd in spinal fracture treatment.

Repairing Spinal Fractures with the SpineJack® Device at Floyd HealthTalks Transcript

Mohammad Majd, MD, Spine Care Center:
SpineJack is a procedure that, basically, we do for patients with compression fractures. The majority of patients that we see, they are elderly ladies. They are older than 55, 60 years old. Because of soft bone, they end up with a compression fracture.

Before SpineJack, we used to treat all of them with balloon kyphoplasty. The problem that we have with the balloon is, if the fracture is a couple months old, the balloon is not able to raise it up. With the SpineJack, it’s a technology that is a small titanium rod. We put this titanium rod inside the vertebral body and from outside, we are able to make that rod very similar to a jack in the car. Then, after elevation of those bones, the SpineJack stays inside the vertebral body, and we inject a couple CCs of bone cement surrounding that to make it stable, like concrete. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

The titanium procedure, we can do it under sedation or under a short course of general anesthesia. With newer SpineJack technology, even if the fracture is collapsed, we now are able to restore the height. When you restore the height, and the pain gets better, the patient can resume previous activity.

Those patients who came to us and underwent the SpineJack procedure are happy with the outcome of procedure immediately. These are the kind of procedures that when we do them, the patients come back and hug you. They are happy.