Full Knee Replacement Surgery in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: Full Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients with ongoing knee arthritis might benefit from a full knee replacement. Learn more about total knee replacement surgery with Baptist Health.

Full Knee Replacement Surgery in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

Thomas Schlierf, MD, Orthopedic Surgery:
Patients who’ve been having ongoing knee arthritis, and those who have tried conservative therapies and are at the point where those just don’t work for them anymore, are patients who really do benefit from total knee joint replacement. At Baptist [Health] Floyd, we do a lot of total joint replacements at our facility. The staff is experienced and well-trained. From when somebody walks in the door to when they walk out, they are receiving care that is second to none. 

With anybody, I want to treat them like I’d want to be treated. I like to explain all the options available to my patients and let them know that we’re a team. Whether we’re doing conservative therapy or we’re talking surgery, I’m here to support them in any way I can. When it comes time to have a surgery, I really have the easy job in all this. The patient has the more difficult job of doing the rehab and putting the time in to get the results we’re wanting to get.

With people undergoing total joint replacement, the goal is to get you back to doing normal daily activities and things you enjoy doing. We really want to restore you to living your life. If we can’t do that with conservative therapies, that’s when I tell my patients you need to have an honest conversation with yourself and consider having a total knee replacement, with the end goal being getting back to living your life.

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