Prostate Cancer Treatment in Southern Indiana

Baptist Health Floyd: Prostate Cancer Treatment

One in 7 men are at risk of developing prostate cancer. Learn about prostate cancer treatment options, such as radiation, available at Baptist Health.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Southern Indiana HealthTalks Transcript

John Cox, MD, Radiation Oncology:
In 2016, greater than 150,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. So that relates to about — in our lifetime as men — a 1 in 7 chance of developing prostate cancer.

A lot of men are diagnosed with metastatic cancer at presentation. I think it’s a great second opinion to get some fresh eyes and make sure there isn’t something new, something that has just emerged that maybe can change your treatment course, can maybe get in front of something that we don’t see.

The data is constantly changing, and we’re being much more aggressive with men who have metastatic disease.

The number of radiation treatments that a patient needs is very specific to that patient, the risk category of their cancer, and there’s a lot of considerations in 2019. There’s mature data that shows that for certain patients, a shorter course of radiation may be appropriate, which may be important for a lot of patients because you can get the same treatment, with the same toxicities, over a shorter period of time, so it’s certainly a great consideration.

One thing here at Baptist Health Floyd that we’re going to talk to you about is, “Is the classic number of 44 treatments, Monday through Friday, the right answer for me? Or can I get my treatment in a shorter course?” We’re going to have that conversation with you.

We have the local tools here in southern Indiana to be your region leader and your trusted friend for your prostate cancer diagnosis.

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