Performing Brain Tumor Radiation with TrueBeam in New Albany, Indiana


Baptist Health Floyd: Performing Brain Tumor Radiation with TrueBeam

TrueBeam radiation therapy provides brain tumor treatment in a shorter amount of time, while sparing normal tissue and getting better outcomes. Learn more about TrueBeam from Baptist Health.

Performing Brain Tumor Radiation with TrueBeam in New Albany, Indiana HealthTalks Transcript

Todd Shanks, MD, Neurosurgery:
A brain lesion is an abnormality on some imaging — either MRI or CT scan — that is not normal. It starts causing compression-related dysfunction of the brain — weakness, memory problems, speech problems and things, seizures, and sometimes the risk for hemorrhage.

Parag Sevak, MD, Radiation Oncology:
We treat a combination of both tumors in the brain and in the spine. Oftentimes, patients will get surgery first, followed by radiation, or just radiation alone.

Dr. Shanks:
The TrueBeam allows us to accurately target tissue and destroy that tissue with a high dose of radiation, while preserving the normal tissue adjacent to that lesion.

Dr. Sevak:
It’s something that is able to give a high dose of radiation and fewer treatments. That’s one of the big things with radiation oncology, the ability to give less treatments with a higher radiation dose and spare the normal tissue. Being able to do that helps give patients even better outcomes in a shorter period of time.

Dr. Shanks:
What we have here is the ability to treat all tumor types in the same way that you would get in any cancer center across the country.

Dr. Sevak:
I want to make sure I’m giving patients the best quality of care, regardless of where I am. So, to be able to have the best tool that goes along with it, it couldn’t get any better as a radiation oncologist.