From Urgent Care to the Emergency Room in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: From Urgent Care to the Emergency Room

Baptist Health Floyd makes it easy to transfer from urgent care to the emergency room. Learn more about when the ER might be the optimal choice over urgent care.

From Urgent Care to the Emergency Room in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

Whitney Malloy, PA-C, Urgent Care:
As an urgent care provider, we try to handle everything in urgent care that’s appropriate. Sometimes we do have to send our patients for further management, if it is outside our scope in the urgent care setting. Colton presented to the urgent care when I was here. He presented with a fall. He had hit his head and had loss of consciousness. He was brought in by his mother, who was concerned because Colton wasn’t acting quite himself. He seemed a little bit more confused and a little more dazed.

Alinza Deuser, patient’s mother:
We’re about an hour from Baptist [Health] Floyd hospital. We have a Baptist [Health] Urgent Care in our rural town of Madison. We went in, and she examined him. She was noticing things that myself, as a mom, hadn’t really noticed. Upon regular examination, there was some abnormality that she felt, and she didn’t feel comfortable just clearing him.

Thankfully, being part of Baptist, we have a huge network of providers that we can send them to if we think they need more treatment outside of an urgent care setting.

She told us to drive to New Albany, and when we got there, it was a team of people that met us. It was extremely quick. They knew we were coming, they had all of his information. There wasn’t any time lapse, and it made things go really, really easy and calmed my nerves as a mom.

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