Halloween Safety Tips

It’s almost that time of the year: when your little ones join over 40 million other candy hunters around the U.S. to go trick-or-treating. Halloween is a fun time of year! And while there are potential hazards out there, many risks are easily avoidable when you employ these five safety tips this Halloween.

  1. Carving the pumpkin: keep sharp knives away from children. Instead, have your child use a marker to draw their pumpkin’s design. Then have you or another adult use a knife to carve their pumpkin or use the pumpkin carving tool kits that are much safer.
  2. Before you go: set ground rules. Children should be supervised by an adult. Older kids should go in a group and, if possible, carry a cell phone if not supervised by an adult. Also, make sure to set a family route and a curfew so you know where they are the whole night.
  3. While you’re out: keep them visible. Trick-or-treating takes place at dusk and into the night, so your children may not be easy to see. Attaching a glow stick or reflective tape to their costume allows them to be more visible to cars and other trick-or-treaters in the dark. Giving them a flashlight is also a good idea.
  4. When you get home: check your child’s candy. It is important to check all candy for sharp objects, expiration dates and any unsealed wrappers. Homemade treats from strangers should not be eaten. When in doubt throw it out!
  5. Try this instead: attend a Trunk-or-Treat. Trunk-or-Treats are an alternative to the regular trick-or-treat festivities. Here parents don’t have to worry about safety since most participants are either church members at church locations or school administrators and parents at local schools. Check your community for upcoming Trunk-or-Treating times and locations or follow this link to learn how to organize your own Trunk-or-Treat.


Remember a safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween!

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