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Baptist Health Hardin: The Importance of Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding include increased bonding between mother and baby and decreased health risks for the baby. Learn more about breastfeeding options.

Breastfeeding Benefits in Elizabethtown, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Britta Z. Maciuba, MD, Family Medicine:
Breastfeeding was a pretty difficult journey for me, personally. When I had my first child, I actually realized how much I had not learned about it. I really feel that it’s helpful for women to have a good understanding of breastfeeding, what the options are for them, and what the resources are before they [have their] first baby. Because the more information you have about breastfeeding up front, [the more] it empowers you to be successful when you get to that point.

Baptist Health Hardin has some great support for women who want to breastfeed. Supplementing with formula is an option for women who want to breastfeed, but have low supply. For women and babies where latching is the problem, exclusive pumping might be an option for those women. You don’t breastfeed, but you can pump breast milk and then feed baby from the bottle.

Babies who are breastfed are at a decreased risk for asthma, GI tract infections, obesity and diabetes later in life. There are lots of health benefits. It also helps with maternal-baby bonding. Breastfeeding releases a lot of chemicals, like prolactin and oxytocin, that really can help a mom feel more attached to her baby. Breastfeeding can be a really comforting, emotional experience for both mom and baby in those early days, when things are tough. At Baptist Health Hardin, we’re here to support you in your breastfeeding journey.

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