Radiation Therapy for Cancer in Elizabethtown, KY

Baptist Health Hardin: Radiation Therapy for Cancer in Elizabethtown, KY

Radiation therapy can be an effective treatment for killing cancer cells. Learn more about treating cancer with radiation from Baptist Health.

Radiation Therapy for Cancer in Elizabethtown, KY HealthTalks Transcript

William Porter, MD, Radiation Oncology:
The science associated with radiation, as it pertains to cancer, is that radiation damages the DNA in cells, and those cells die. Radiation can also damage normal tissue. The difference between normal tissue and cancer cells is that normal tissue can repair more effectively than cancer cells. The benefit of radiation oncology, or the delivery of radiation, differs based on age, stage and location of tumor. Radiation treatment is really tailored to a patient’s diagnosis and treatment course.

May Dailey, patient, Elizabethtown, Kentucky:
I would get 10 rounds of radiation, which is two weeks. You do one every day, Monday-Friday for two weeks. Then, no more cancer in the arm.

Dr. Porter:
It makes me feel really good as an oncologist that we can really try to minimize patients’ side effects. It makes me feel good that we are able to cure patients and make patients feel better, alleviate pain, and give them hope as they continue on their battle with cancer.

The thing that people don’t realize with cancer is, cancer is a lot. They really have a lot of compassion here. They really do, and that makes you feel better.

Dr. Porter:
The ultimate goal for treating patients in central Kentucky is really to be a regional leader so that patients don’t have to leave their homes to travel to “bigger cities” or areas that are far away from their homes. We can deliver world-class care close to home.

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