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Listen to doctors explain invasive cardiology and the types of treatment and care available. Learn more about invasive cardiology services at Baptist Health.

Invasive Cardiology In Elizabethtown at Hardin HealthTalks Transcript

Bart Dawson, MD, Invasive Cardiology:
[An] invasive cardiologist, in addition to being a general cardiologist, is a physician who specializes in some of the invasive procedures that we do in cardiology. It [may] be cardiac catheterization and device implantation, such as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, and cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Technology is a big deal in cardiology. We have a lot of different tools at our disposal to help not only diagnose, but also treat the patient. Cutting-edge technology that’s available throughout our system, especially here at Hardin in the cardiac cath lab, allows us to diagnose blocked arteries, to implant stents, to be able to treat slow heart rates, and put in pacemakers, which are constantly evolving. [There is] new technology coming out with arrhythmia management that is cutting-edge technology to help treat patients with a variety of cardiac conditions.

In Hardin County and surrounding counties, we have a large network of specialists to be able to get the diagnostics and therapies that you need without having to leave the area, which is crucial to the patient. My most favorite thing that I do is to be able to help a patient. It’s rewarding to have someone come to you who’s feeling very poorly, and be able to use your brain, your technology and your hands to be able to diagnose them and treat them. Having them come back to me later, thanking me and telling me they feel better — that’s the biggest reward I get.

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